Patient in the MATERNUS ClinicMATERNUS

Kofferträger Our service personnel greet you and your company and take your luggage.

The staff at the reception warmly welcomes you and informs you about all the important things on arrival. With the key in your hand, you are accompanied to your room.

Rezeption der MATERNUS-Klinik
Schwester mit Patient im Schwesternzimmer The nursing staff greets you at the department doors and discusses further organizational and care details. Our patients and their needs are naturally the focus of our care services, which are based on the model of activities and existential experience of life (AEDL) introduced by Monica Krohwinkel. This is a care model where patients receive support in their activities only when needed. The primary goal is however to achieve or maintain personal responsibility and independence of the patient by using existing resources. After you move into your room – our nurses help unpacking if necessary, of course – they explain and check the emergency alarm system in your room.
Arztgespräch - Dr. Gnad You will then receive an appointment for an initial examination by the doctor. During the examination, your doctor looks at the reports and the X-rays you bring with you and together with you selects the neccessary therapies most suited to your recovery. If necessary, the doctor schedules a diagnostic examination.

The dining room service staff accompanies you to your table (specially reserved for you) and informs you about our food and buffet options. If necessary, our dietician explains our special diets to you.

If you need assistance with food, our nursing staff will be happy to help you.

Schwester mit Tablett
Schwimmbad In the next few days you undergo therapy, based on your treatment plan individually developed for you. In the course of treatment and during doctor's rounds, it is possible to adapt therapy forms and procedures in order to achieve optimum positive recovery results

Give yourself a break between your therapy sessions and in your free time relax in our cozy on-site cafeteria. Here, you can also get small things for daily use such as newspapers, magazines, cosmetics, postcards, etc.

We offer a variety of interesting craft, art, and entertaining options to spend your free time.

Abreise Then comes the time for you to go home. After a final examination by our doctor and further health advice for everyday life at home, we say goodbye to you and wish you a safe journey.